Having Freezer Vehicle in Rental in Dubai is a Good Idea

Freezer vehicle is Dubai is one of the most popular electronic equipments among the companies who require transportation. If you don’t know much about this machine, don’t worry about that. In this article we will tell you everything about it. It is a boxcar carrying refrigerator inside.

You may think, this is just similar to ventilated boxcar which is used for transporting fruits, flowers etc. But it actually differs from a simple ventilated boxcar. Ventilated car is not fitted with cooling apparatus. Freezer vehicle comes with mechanical refrigeration system. This car requires more than four hours for pre-cooling prior to loading the perishable items like food, beverages etc. During cooling process, it blows in cold air inside the car through an ice hatch. There is another hatch which is used to allow the warm air to be expelled.

What purpose is this freezer vehicle used for in Dubai? Have you ever seen milk car? This car is actually a freezer vehicle. Dairy firm prefers to use this vehicle to transport milk to distant places. Passenger trains come with the in-house pantry. In this pantry you may find freezer car. Inside the train this is used to protect food from damage. Now I would like to tell you who are using Freezer vehicle in Dubai. Apart from diary firm and railway authority, many retailers use this equipment for their hassle-free logistics. There are many companies who sell ice-cream and other cold beverages at the roadside. They also use this vehicle.

Are you a transport company delivering perishable items in a big city or state? You may require this freezer car. This car is little bit expensive in the market. Don’t worry if you can’t afford this vehicle. You can have it in rental contract.

How can you find a company who provides you rental service for this vehicle? We are here to solve your problem. There are many companies who offer freezer vehicle rental service in Dubai. You need to find who can provide you rental service at an affordable way? While consulting with them, you should check if the car has strong electricity source to operate the freezer, if the rental price is calculated by time you spend with, how they calculate the expenditure etc. The rental cost is usually calculated according to oil consumption, maintenance etc. If any wearing part gets damage during your handling, you have to pay the extra charges. You should also ask the company about the charge about fire and theft cover.

What Advantages Can You Avail From Refrigerated Transport in UAE?

Who uses the product like refrigerated transport? The probable answer is organization involved in horticulture. The manufacturing companies who produce food and beverages as well as those who retail the same kind of products, require such equipment. Many transport firms also prefer to use this machine for successful delivery. They have to deliver perishable items frequently from one place to another. If they don’t maintain the specific temperature while carrying such product, it would cause harm to the products. That is why they need this temperature controlling equipment. If the temperature is not maintained properly during delivery or transport, the quality of the food will decrease. That is how refrigerator transport in UAE came to the picture.

Now let me tell you what kind of products you can deliver through this refrigerator container vehicle. Food, poultry products, beverages, flowers, fruits etc. are usually kept inside this vehicle. They are placed in a considerable condition and temperature is controlled from both inside and outside prior to deliver it to the market or end customer. It helps you save food etc from wastage.

This unique type of refrigerator is carried in a small size motor vehicle. It can be able to transport the product to distant places and even out of the country too. The temperature of the vehicle is controlled as per the requirement. So the products will not be damaged or deformed before they come to the market.

If you are in horticulture, you are probably worries about the condition of the flowers and fruits, as they easily get affected within a short time. It is true that the selling of such products depend on its freshness. If it gets dried, it would be difficult for you to sell in the market.  Either you have to throw it away or sell at the half price. It is ultimately loss to your business. But don’t worry about that. Refrigerator transport in UAE is made with high quality materials. Your products will never spoil and its perfection will remain the same till it reaches the market.

But the matter is you need to find a refrigerator transport vehicle that serves excellently. If you don’t buy the good quality machine, you would fail to keep the quality and taste of those products good.  This vehicle is a little bit expensive. But if you hesitate to buy this machine, transporting perishable things would entail a lot of risks.